Hotpoint WMD962P - SAVE Today - Use This Voucher Code

Hotpoint WMD962P - SAVE Today - Use This Voucher Code

Hotpoint WMD962PThe Hotpoint WMD962P washing machine is a good solution to those who have troubles dealing with their laundry. This washing machine is big enough to work on a good number of clothes in one sitting. It also has different wash programmes. The spin dryer is also powerful enough to extract water from washed clothes in no time at all. Overall the Hotpoint WMD962P washing machine is a great addition to any household.

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The Hotpoint WMD962P washing machine stands 85 cm and has a slim width of 59.5 cm. Its depth is at 56.5 cm. This powerfully built machine can take up to 8 kilos of clothes and wash it in one duration. Thus this washing machine is ideal for use in large households. The spin drying function is also topnotch as the spin speed is 1600 rpm, which happens to be one of the best in the industry today.

The washing machine gets high scores in spin efficiency and washing efficiency (both at A) and energy efficiency (A-plus). The washing machine thus ensures high quality washing and drying of clothes without causing sudden increase in the energy consumption of a household. For washing, users can choose from 16 different wash cycles. If they have delicate clothes, they can use the wool wash option that cleans delicate fabrics like silk and wool. The intensive wash function, on the other hand, cleans heavily soiled clothes like pants. Meanwhile the economy wash makes use of lower temperature and saves water and energy as a consequence.

There are other features worth praising, such as the LCD display making it easy for the user to determine the programmes being used. There is also a front loading door which opens enough for loading and unloading of the items to be washed. The machine is also quiet while washing and drying clothes with its 56 decibel noise level. It is also economical in the use of electricity, using only 1.36 kW for every normal washing cycle.